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About this website

This website was launched in 2019, aiming at sharing and teaching computer software related knowledge, including 5G, AloT, AI, internet, data structure, and experiences on software developing projects. All the while, learning from teaching others is a bonus too.
The information technology industry has advanced very quickly. Taiwan was fortunate enough to develop its semi-conductor sector in the 1980s, and to improve its education at the same time. I began to study on Electronics, Basic Electricity, and Digital Logic in 2000. After several years’ focus on program designing and software projects importing, I hope to share the expertise with more people in their professional endeavors.
Taiwan is about two years behind Silicon Valley (Mountain View, California, USA) in the new software technology information sharing and exchange. If we can make it up this two-year gap, we will be able to connect with the top talents of the software sector.
This website will include my personal experience as well as those of others. It aims at helping organizations and individuals learn from mistakes to improve future performance. There is an old saying: “It’s better to go slowly in the right direction than go in the wrong direction.” A wrong turn down the road is doomed to failure. I hope to help everyone avoid going the wrong way as much as I can. Good luck and remarkable success on your new project!
Feb. 2, 2020

My Services

AWS Tutorial

AWS tutorial for Beginner or Master. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Web. Machine learning.

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Project Experience

Lessons are usually learned from countless failures. There is a saying in California to share: “Fail Fast and Learn Faster.” Most projects cost beyond one or two million (NT) dollars, and some even cost more than 200 to 300 million. Members involved in a project often include business owners, project managers, system analysts, software engineers, system maintenance personnel, software vendors, end users, and the supervisors of the end users. To succeed , there are many factors to consider from the management point of view, such as how to prevent internal corruption, keep the system stable, block hackers, control of authorization and access, be flexible on adding new functions (features), control costs, reduce risk of failure, and deal with office politics. It’s like a combination of various disciplines. I am happy to share the experience.

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Living in Taiwan

In Asia, Taiwan is often placed as one of the greatest places to live and here are some of the reasons. Taiwan is a super convenient and safe place to live. There are many 7-11 and alike convenience stores around street corners. People can safely venture out at night. The policemen are reliable to ask for assistance, and the locals are friendly and helpful. Taiwan is the heaven of international cuisine: Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, American hamburgers, Italian pasta, Indian, German pork hock, Korean kimchi, Vietnamese vermicelli, you name it. The cost of living in Taiwan is significantly less than that of many other major cities in Asia. Taiwanese are very friendly towards foreigners and open to foreign influence.

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DataBase Tutorial

DataBase tutorial for Beginner or Master.

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